Meet the Sago Palm

The Sago Palms

Talk about a resilient plant—this sturdy palm dates back to the prehistoric era. Doesn’t it look like a plant straight out of Jurassic Park? It is sometimes referred to as a “living fossil,” because it resembles the plants we only know from fossils dating back to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It probably comes to no surprise that the Sago Palm’s longevity translates to an easy plant care-wise. The Sago Palm likes a bright space, and is one of the few plants we carry that can even handle harsh direct light. It doesn’t have major watering requirements, but it is important not to overwater. You will also want to be careful when handling your plant as it’s scales on the trunk can be quite pokey.

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Quick Tips and Tricks for your Sago Palm:

  • Water your plant once the first few inches of soil has dried to the touch
    • You can stick your finger in the soil to feel for moisture
    • Be careful not to over water your sago palm—over watering is probably one of the easiest ways to kill this particular plant
    • Because this plant dislikes excess moisture, consider using a well-draining soil with perlite
  • This plant really prefers bright light
    • It can even handle the bright, harsh direct light in summertime!
  • Consider occasionally spinning your plant for nice, even growth on all sides
  • All parts of the Sago Palm are considered toxic, so be sure to keep this plant away from any curious eaters. For a list of pet-friendly plants you can read our blog post on it here.

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