Meet the Sansevieria

You’ve probably heard of Sansevieria, or the Snake Plant before. Perhaps you know this plant by Sansevieria Trigasciata’s less flattering nickname: the mother in law’s tongue. No matter how you have heard of this plant, you’ve probably also heard of its resiliency. This is one of our most hardy and difficult to kill houseplants. It thrives on little water, and can manage in flexible light conditions. These hard-to-kill plants are perfect for any plant novice wanting to give growing a go!

With fifty varieties of Sansevieria, you can easily find a Snake Plant to fit any area of your home. At Retreat, we offer a several sizes from tiny two-inch snake plants, all the way to more mature snake plants in gallon tubs. Receive 20% off the purchase of any size Snake Plant for the week of November 13, 2018- November 18, 2018.

Some Quick Facts on the Sansevieria

  • These plants thrive on a little neglect. Water your snake plant anywhere from once a week to once every four weeks depending on lighting, humidity, and time of year.
    • Over-watering is one of the few ways to have an unhappy Snake Plant.
    • Be sure to let the plant fully dry out before re-watering.
    • Less is more. If you tend to occasionally forget your plants, this might be a good match for you!
  • Sansevieria technically prefer medium light situations, however, they will tolerate low light, as well as bright light.
    • Typically they do fine wherever you put them as long as there is some light for them!
  • They will tolerate both dry and humid conditions.
    • This is another factor that makes this plant ultra versatile! It can survive just fine in a dry home, near a vent or humidifier, or even in a bathroom.
  • These spear-like beauties are toxic to cats, dogs, and humans. Please keep of reach of curious eaters.