Meet the Umbrella Tree

We are so excited to introduce you to the Umbrella Tree this week. This stunning tropical plant has an amazing leaf pattern that looks like an opened umbrella, hence the name! The Umbrella Tree is one of the earliest plants that Retreat carried, and it’s stayed an easy favorite for us. These plants are fairly easy to care for. They thrive best in bright indirect light, or even in partial direct sunlight. They also like to be kept moist! We recommend watering them when the top layer of soil is dry. If you have good light conditions, and water your Umbrella Tree frequently, it should make a great houseplant for you!

In their native Taiwan, these beautiful trees can reach heights of 30 feet, but in your home they probably will not grow taller than 6-8 feet. Still, that’s quite a statement plant! You can fertilize your Umbrella Tree to foster more growth, but be sure to do so only during growing season (spring/summer). This is a great plant choice for even plant novices. Enjoy!

Quick Facts about the Umbrella Tree:

  • These plants like to stay moist so water the plant frequently
    • You should be able to tell when your umbrella tree needs watering by putting a finger into the soil about an inch deep. Once that top layer is dry, it’s time to water again!
    • Although watering frequently is best, be sure that your Umbrella Tree has ample drainage at the bottom to prevent the plant from sitting in water. This can lead to root rot.
  • These plants love a lot of sunlight
    • Bright indirect light, or even partial direct sunlight, is best!
  • Consider turning your plant periodically to get it to grow evenly
    • Umbrella Trees are pretty good growers, and can quickly grow lopsided to favor their sunniest sun. Turning your plant allows it to grow more evenly.
  • Wipe the leaves of your Umbrella Tree periodically with a wet rag
  • These plants are toxic, so please keep out of reach of curious eaters.